Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In the Dark

There are (as has often been observed) two kinds of people in this world. What those two kinds are — well, that’s a matter of personal interpretation. Myself, I tend to divide the population into larks and owls.
To wit: Some of us, maybe most of us, live in the daylight — the early risers, the good people, who live in the daylight and greet the morning with a song. But there are some of us who burn the midnight lamp; the night hawks, who have prowled the infomercial wasteland of the TV graveyard shift, who know the eerie hush of 3:00 AM, who crawl the streets sleepless in the small hours, in the liminal zone between yesterday and tomorrow, moving through pools of lamplight when the pavements are strange and lonely in the dark. The Night People.

For the tribes of the night, Halloween is our Mardi Gras, our Christmas, and our Thanksgiving, all rolled into one. It’s our tourist season, when we natives of the interzone play host to the bright-eyed Day People giddily clutching their 12-hour passes. It’s party time, in other words — an opportunity to share our freaky glamour with our brothers and sisters from the sunny side. And it is an all-night affair, for the walls between this world and the next grow thin only with the coming of dusk.

Read the rest (and hear twelve hours of Halloween mixtapes!) at Popdose. This one was a labor of love.

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