Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Face Made for Radio

I rashly decided on this cockamamie Bradbury Project a couple of months ago, and regretted it almost immediately as freelance deadlines planted their boots on my neck. That might have been the end of it, had I not been so foolish as to mention it in public — not just here on this blog, where it might have gone unnoticed, but in the comments on the website for the public radio arts program Studio 360.

Studio 360 (which I listen to in podcast form, these days) does an annual series wherein they track the creative New Year's resolutions of four individuals, providing updates throughout the year. I figured I'd add my name and my ambition to the hundreds on their site, and have pangs of fellow-feeling every time I heard an update from one of the chosen four.

Today I got an e-mail:
Hi Jack,
I’m writing you from Studio 360 because we saw your comment on the website and thought your resolution sounded interesting! Would you have time to chat about your idea on the phone tomorrow (Thursday) morning? Let me know if there’s a time that works for you, and a good number to reach you.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Khrista Rypl 
Web Producer

So that is a thing that is definitely maybe happening and there may soon be thousands of public radio fans on my ass, keeping me accountable to do this unbelievably stupid thing I promised to do, and basically I want to set myself on fire right now.

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